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Global Crowdfunding Day, now in its fifth year, is the worlds largest celebration of the crowdfunding movement. It's about access to capital, passion, innovation, hope, job creation and philanthropy. Using inspiring and heartfelt stories and videos, people from all over the world are joining forces to bring great ideas to life that they care about, that would otherwise not have seen the light of day.

Global Crowdfunding Day is a time to celebrate the crowdfunding industry by giving back, getting involved and showing the world how strong the global crowdfunding community has become.

We encourage people from around the world to come out and show their support for entrepreneurs and the communities they help to keep thriving by encouraging crowdfunding-related activity amongst their own networks. Specifically, individuals can show their support for Global Crowdfunding Day by:

1) Launching a personal crowdfunding project
2) Making a donation or contribution to someone else's campaign
3) Promoting a favorite campaign through social media outlets
4) Posting all crowd-related activity on Twitter using #globalCFday

Lets show the power of the crowd, join us and support the crowdfunding industry by celebrating Global Crowdfunding Day together every year on April 5th and let's see how much money can be raised in 24 hours on crowdfunding sites around the world. We all can play a part, whether big or small, in helping to improve the global economy.

Crowdfunding can help make his dream come true. Join us and who knows maybe someday we will all live as one.

Show your support by adding a Global Crowdfunding Day ribbon to your website.

Simply copy and paste the code below in the body of your website to add your ribbon.

<div style="position:fixed;top:0px;left:0px;border:0 none;z-index:9999 !important;">
<a href="http://www.globalcrowdfundingday.com" target="_blank" style="border:0 none;">
<img src="http://www.globalcrowdfundingday.com/images/gcd-proud-supporter-ribbon-style-01a.png"
border="0" alt="Proud Supporter of Global Crowdfunding Day"></a>

Visit Crowdfundingroadmap.com to see what the ribbon looks like.

Why we need Global Crowdfunding Day?
Let's all support entrepreneurship worldwide.
What are other people saying?
News, press, testimonials, videos and more...
Find out what's new and exciting in the world of crowdfunding.
Exciting crowdfunding industry history & milestones.
Below is a timeline with mentions of some of the biggest milestones in the crowdfunding industry!
  1. Modern Microfinancing

    A program is launched in Bangledesh by Dr. Mohummad Yunes which provides low-income individuals with more banking opportunities

  2. British rock band Marillion raises $60k online from fans to fund their first U.S. tour.

  3. KIVA

    Provides small loans (microlending) to entrepreneurs in poor areas worldwide.

  4. Prosper

    Launches the 1st U.S. peer-to-peer lending marketplace.

  5. Michael Sullivan coins the term "crowdfunding".

  6. IndieGoGo

    Provides an outlet for people to donate funds to ventures easily online.

  7. PeerBackers

    Enables people to give contributions online for rewards.

  8. Kickstarter

    A new platform which enables fans, the public and friends to fund creative based projects.

  9. Sherwood Neiss, Jason Best & Zak Cassady-Dorion

    Faced with the funding void came up with the idea for equity-based crowdfunding then headed to Washington and worked tirelessly even past the signing ceremony at the White House and are still going!

  10. Paul Spinrad and Jenny Kassan

    Wrote the initial crowdfunding petition to the SEC. Provided continual input and guidance.

  11. Daniel Weinmann, Hernan Efron, Henrique Bastos, Thomas de Lara Catarse.com

    The largest Brazilian Crowdfunding platform comes out in favor of our framework for Brazil.

  12. Jason Best, Zak Cassady-Dorion, Kevin Lawton, Paul Spinrad, Ruth Hedges, Danae Ringelmann, Steve Cinelli, Michael Sauvante, Jennifer Kassan, John Romano, Fred Bryant, Onnie Carr

    CrowdFund Investing Thought-Leaders Meeting in San Francisco. Discuss and adjust the CrowdFund Investing Framework and build more support as a industry group.

  13. Representative Patrick McHenry, Ryan MintoKunal Pahwa

    Introduces HR2930 based the Startup Exemption framework for crowdfunding.

  14. The House passes HR2930 407-17! CrowdFund Investing Rally to encourage the Senate not to wait!

  15. The House passes HR2930 407-17! CrowdFund Investing Rally to encourage the Senate not to wait!

  16. 3rd Crowdfunding hearing in the Senate. House passes JOBS Act including the Crowdfunding Bill. Merkley & Bennets bill is merged with Brown’s. The Senate version is amended into the JOBS Act. It passes 77-23.

  17. President Barack Obama officially signs the JOBS Act into law.

  18. Established by Ruth Hedges, April 5th becomes Global Crowdfunding Day.

  19. The crowdfunding economy grew to over $5.1 billion in 2013

  20. Coolest Cooler breaks the record on Kickstarter and raises $13,285,226

  21. ​The crowdfunding industry grew to over $35 Billion dollars.

  22. Title III 4(a) (6) the Crowdfunding​ ​Bill became​ ​legal on May 16

  23. Gofundme grew to over 3 billion dollars                          

Crowdfunding in developing nations infographic
Check out the infographic below to see how crowdfunding is helping to spread innovation & improve the quality of life for everyone all across the globe!

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